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Critics: Couples

Original title: In Solitaire. Address: Christophe Offenstein. Screenplay: Jean Cottin, Christophe Offenstein, Thomas Bidegain, Frederic Petitjean. Interpretation: François Cluzet, Guillaume Canet, Karine Vanasse, Arly Jover, Rouve, Virginie Efira, Emmanuelle Bercot, Jose Coronado. Production: Jean Cottin. Photography: Guillaume Schiffman. Editing: Véronique Lange. Music: Victor Reyes, Patrice Renson. Producer: Les Films du Cap, Gaumont. Distributor: A Countercurrent Films. Year: 2013. Country: France. Drama, candle. Duration: 96min.


This type of film is hard tiresome. The film is boring to the limit, all that holds you in the chair is that something exciting can happen at any time but the truth is that the most interesting of the film is to see that our Jose Coronado out in the fictitious newscast taking part as co- Of the same. It is definitely a want and can not.

Yann Kermadec looks like their dreams begin to comply when asked to replace overnight the captain of a ship of the DCNS (Direction des Constructions Navales, a French company dedicated to naval weapons) to be involved in around the world to sail solo, nonstop and assistance. After several days of racing, Yann, who is in the lead, is forced to make a stop to fix your boat saffron, who crashed. At that time, his trip around the world will be overturned.

"You talk frances1 !?" is possibly the most interesting dialogue that is heard throughout the film. The film part of a pretty good premise, a race of boats in which they have to go around the world individually ... until there suggests ways. The problem is that the script is terribly linear, there is only one line of argument ... where everything is terribly predictable and politically correct. Where's the excitement? The libretto is more like a Wikipedia entry that an action movie. The director who is his second film seriously (the first was "Tell No One" in 2006 and received a prize) has dug its own grave or rather his film career foundered ... we'll see how it behaves box office although a terrifying tsunami it portends. The actors stand somewhat above the script and direction, which is really not very difficult; but only the protagonist, the rest of the cast, girlfriend, daughter, the Mauritanian teenager ... are eerily flat and weary. Is there anything that saves the movie? If Jose Coronado in their appearances more or less than a minute and the relationship of the protagonist with the adolescent in perspective.

The scenarios are sadly ... it's sea levels and sea, maybe some sunsets but neither are incredible ... maybe the image of an island and a few dolphins but ... usually very scraping, and it is normal because almost all the film takes place on a boat, something that is even claustrophobic.

If you have some self-esteem may not see you anywhere near this dull and flat film, certainly not a type of film we're used to seeing on the big screen, perhaps in some way coach at the provincial level. Unless your greatest passion is sailing and prefer to spend the money to see this film in front of see the naval museum in your city, then falls on your conscience ...