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Reviewed living is easy with eyes closed

Original title: living is easy with eyes closed. Address: David Trueba. Screenplay: David Trueba. Interpretation: Javier Camara (Antonio), Natalia de Molina (Bethlehem), Francesc Colomer (Colomer), Ariadna Gil (mother Juanjo), Jorge Sanz (father of Juanjo) Fontserè Ramon (Ramon). Production: Cristina Huete. Photograph: Daniel Vilar. Editing: Marta Velasco. Music: Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden. Studio: Canal + Spain, Fernando Trueba Theatrical Production, Spanish Television (TVE). Distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain. Year: 2013 Country: Spain. Drama, Road Movie. Duration: 109min.


Honest and sincere. This Spanish film director David Trueba will give much to talk about and no wonder, the film is welcome, it has a nice story with a seemingly simple-minded argument but that will be a retrospective journey of the characters and possibly ourselves. The cast is very good and the final product is of high quality, which is why the awards are not made to wait long.

Antonio is a teacher of English and Latin Albacete which uses Beatles songs to teach English in Spain in 1966. When he learns that his idol John Lennon is making a film in Almería, she decides to travel there to meet him. En route picks Juanjo, a boy of 16 who has run away from home as Bethlehem, a 21 also appears to be escaping from something. Together they will experience a unique journey that will remain etched in their hearts.

It is certainly a film made without pretensions of grandeur resulting in a single film, oozing lyricism with a great background in history that exists from the dreams and fears of the characters who are the true protagonists. History is the flagship of the tape and it is no wonder that the writer himself is also the director so the connection between screen and script is full.

Javier Camera is an excellent and versatile actor with a character who's going like a glove; it is certainly an excellent choice where the actor knows how to pay the main facets of Antonio, the protagonist in the claims nailing comic character and the most melancholy parts. On the cast we have a couple of players that are released in this film and they certainly have a very restrained but not forgetting performances resultón Ramón Fontserè that although a more secondary role will appeal to viewers.

On a more technical side shots and the atmosphere they are amazing with a magnificent scenery chosen such as Almeria and its environs; We talk about their beaches and desert lunar landscapes where many films were shot during Franco times.

It's a film that you can not miss; it is also Spanish and the freaks of the Beatles and the Sixties will love.