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Review: Tokyo Family

Tokyo Family is the remake of Tales of Tokyo , one of the most prestigious films of Cinema. Unfortunately I have not seen the last so I sort of have spoiled the game although I still differences. In short, this film is a critical radiography Japan today. Through three generations of a family, presumably typical, we see how that country is today.


The film is a wonderful life but we Japanese c ual means that it is more realistic, rawer and less goofy and fantasy that classic forgotten. Has, as always, this uncomfortable, people are selfish, traditions are lost and society too absorbed its individuals, but points out that not all is lost, the Japanese are still human and there who is not satisfied with what is . An account, therefore bittersweet for adults. The film is directed to the largest audience of 25 years. The presence of children is testimonial.

I guess Tokyo Family will not be as good as the original but it works. Excited even though nothing happens, the quiet rhythm typical of the East and that is very conventional. Nothing can stand in it except the gray efficiency and the Japanese are truly tender and pleasant intimacy.