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Review: Michael H

Michael H . is a documentary about Haneke, the director of Viennese Film is happening today to be the best in Europe, made ​​by French. It is a work of years that shows polifacéticamente filmmaker. Thus we see him on the set, teaching, promoting his book, explaining ... that there is nothing strange about their daily lives but it is understood as Haneke, as every German, is jealous of his privacy. The trouble is that being a sort of philosopher Haneke documentary is so loose.

Removing some things like the director he is presented from his actresses, which gives an interesting insight into his work, the documentary brings nothing. Neither Haneke explores in his films and even that does not seem to be the fault of the Viennese. So, Michael H . is a documentary simpleton all it does is reveal a little how the director, a cerebral type interested in the emotional, perfectionist controller and a German are going. Maybe this was the objective of the documentary film but certainly Haneke was for something else. Of course, that's not easy.

Thus, Michael H, . It is a bit interesting documentary film does not reveal much Haneke, which is interesting or not you bored, even for him. So not only does not make sense to see it on the big screen, everything in it is pretty tame, but it makes no sense to anyone who is not a fan of the Viennese.