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Review: Le Week-End

Original title: Le Week-End. Address: Roger Michell. Screenplay: Hanif Kureishi. Cast: Jim Broadbent (Nick), Lindsay Duncan (Meg), Jeff Goldblum (Morgan), Olly Alexander (Michael), Judith Davis (Eve), Xavier De Guillebon, Beaugier Brice, Sebastien Siroux, Marie-France Alvarez, Charlotte Léo, Denis Sebbah, Lee Michelsen Breton. Producer: Kevin Loader. Photography: Nathalie Durand. Editing: Kristina Hetherington. Music: Jeremy Sams. Studio: Film4 / Free Range Films. Distributor: A counter Films. Year: 2013 Country: UK. Genre: Romance, Romantic Drama. Duration: 93min.


Although touted to be a recurring theme repeated fed is something that has their own kind and is its (almost) originality to position people on the threshold of old age in a fun and romantic tragicomedy with characters as disparate as mature . Perhaps it is not a film to draw attention to the younger but more than it appears and that's for the films of its genre.

Tells the story of Nick and Meg, a pair of mature British teachers, with children and independent, who decide to return to romantic Paris many years after their honeymoon to try to revive their marriage.

"When I was your age ..." That's right! This movie could you tell us some nice grandparents very close to retirement and a few years of marriage behind them ... maybe too many sixties. The theme is well known, a couple and their misdeeds past and present ... A simple script? It depends, if you want to stand on the amount of so highly related species, perhaps a little more; but it is not a story that will change our lives in any way. The best director's success has been the choice of the actors, over the script and the actors clashes with other generations that reveal the similarities that sometimes we miss so high.

The main actors (especially the partner) simply walk: Jim Broadbent (with an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Iris, 2001) and Lindsay Duncan (Oliver Twist 1999) are already more experienced in this scenario both film and theater. They make a great and crazy couple with their quarrels, their crazy adventures and especially the chemistry they have. Jeff Goldblum plays meanwhile Morgan, a winner in power friend of the couple during the time of the university, with a very good and very ravishing interpretation ... but hidden defects that do not grant us success.

Parisian landscapes are ideal for any romantic film, even in this, not abusing excess of clichés ... is that who does not like Paris besides the Parisians? Voila.

If you like romantic comedies, is a movie you can not miss, if you have questions is perhaps a good opportunity to give a second chance to this genre as archirrepetido ... if you do not want to risk, be assured that in two years we will television as excellent film for desktop Sundays.

But hotly I recommend is that there are so many romantic films that sometimes we repeat as bacon.