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Plot for Peace

Plot for peac e is a documentary about the beginning of the end of apartheid South Africa , the beginning until now because it was dark secret. Thus, besides interesting, it is historic. Its great value, rather than illuminate an area which until now was dark, not for being a sensitive secret but by the will of its protagonists, it is very full. Virtually everyone who participated  significantly  (missing are dead)  at the beginning involved in the film quite frankly. It's so good about this, everyone can be considered who was on the winning side and fighting for a good cause. So, all speak with sincerity despite the logical ornaments aggrandizement.

So  Plot for Peace is a good documentary that illuminates and informs on one of the most important historical processes of the late twentieth century, the end of apartheid South Africa, with equanimity and amplitude. So we can see in it what pernicious during the Cold War into national confusing, as in Vietnam eg regional developments with the struggle between the USSR and the USA. White South Africans to Communism linking the positions presented their black compatriots because some were fellow-travelers and so did not have to see that these had nothing to do with communism. Another thing we see in the film is the importance of the individual in the historical process. The events are always there potentially. So the end of apartheid  South Africa was short compared to the US. Many white South Africans were convinced of the need for change. What they lacked it is getting pushed, which is always pushing someone else.Finally, another interesting thing that has the documentary are the parallels between the discourse and the attitude of white South Africa with the speech and the attitude of Israel. That black South Africans were able to overthrow theapartheid still being terrorists while the Palestinians have not got their own state should, above all, the different meaning of the actors. West fought the apartheid  because it reminded him of his recent imperialist and racist past but Israel does not face caused by a sense of guilt for the Nazi genocide. In short, Israel is not impaired by the similarities between his speech and the white South Africans of apartheid  because they are seen  by the West  as victims.

For all this Plot for Peace is a great opportunity to know these facts to all who were young at that time or, directly, had not been born. Yet this film has a great but has been prevented from reaching the brilliance, it has sacrificed the rigor by giving a dramatic tone, not your emotional sense but in the representation. This spoils the seriousness and effort to publicize all the details and give voice to all. Things like putting the process boost for playing a solo to demonstrate that he, somehow, pulling the strings is crude and also a simulation, like all, undermines the sincerity and honesty, 2 Documentary irrevocable principles. So I think that the authors should have parked well away this nonsense is not a documentary is athriller (but how it will be if we already know the end ?!) because all they have done is to tarnish their work and laudable project .